Bannerview extension not working

I used Deephost Bannerview Extension, the extension is not displaying anything, I want you to check why??
Extension is inside the AIA
Extension Version-01

can anyone tell me why this extension is not working in appzard
here is the AIA
edfwcdf.aia (236.9 KB)

@Gordon_Lu You have removed extension link, could you please check AIA why it is not working???

This is not monetization queries, this is simple bannerview extension not bannerads extension

Ah, I’m sorry. DeepHost is not a reliable developer; he rarely answers emails and he is not even a member of the community. When you develop apps, avoid his extensions.

But that’s the only available extension in the market for bannerview…

Can you create a test project for this extension and check it’s working or not ? If not, send the AIA here. It will help me in finding the bug

Check the first post, I posted AIA


You are using Create_Image block and passing a text which doesn’t represent a valid image path.

You should use the Create_Text block

Still not working…
App crashed :pensive:

Show blocks


Did u get solution

I downloaded the AIA file to see what the error could be but I was not able to export it. May be because it is a paid extension.
You can achieve these without using paid extension, you can use ViewPager component, below is an example.
Extension used:
Pager -

Dot indicator -

Floating view -

Component used:
-Horizontal arrangement
-Clock (to change the Banner time to time)

BannerView.aia (1.1 MB)



Can I use DEVYB image loader for caching images?

And what about on image click function??
If I click image it will open screen with start value

Sure you can use image component or any of the layout component and you can set it clickable


Yes it works, almost all the extensions work, they just don’t know how to use them and sometimes it’s because the libraries create redundancy, and I’ve already passed you the latest version which is possibly why it’s failing!

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