Auto login / signin not working

After signup, user might not need to visible signup page again and again, once they finished signup it will be visible homepage even they close app for 1 days. But this cannot be happen. See the blocks and tell me if there is something wrong or not.

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Show more blocks


which block?

If you have uploaded google-services.json in assets, then, there is no need to manually initialize it using InitializeFirebase block

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Why this block not working? Cannot dismiss progress also. :face_with_thermometer:

Dont call get current user in initialize block call it by clock.
To me work in that way

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Can you show me your block?

firstly make change in your block
Remove this

to this only because its always true so no need to set another logic


Also, to make its false place its not before block

Make change to the rest like this.

Come to your solution
This what i mean

my observation “Get current user block” is not working if you place it in “initialize scree” like this

instead place this block after clock and will work

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How much time need to take in clock to work this function?

@HR_Hmingsangthang , Are you using google-services.json in your project ?

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No bro

Initializing Firebase takes a few seconds to initialize the Firebase components. GetCurrentUser block(or any other firebase blocks) will not work if it get invoked before completing initialization.

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Ok. I will try again.

OMG, its toltally working. thank you so much :grinning:

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