Attempt to show index 1 of 0 data error in screen

@AryanGupta would you please look into this why i m getting erorr in discplusmoreep screen

my intention is to show data of categories table in one screen when user clicks new sceen will open with cat1 or 2 table data and when finally user clicks the category 1or 2 table data will load then user clicks the video link will be send to another screen where video player can play the video

check all screens

i have corrrectly input data in airtable database with all video links, could you tell me why exo player is not initialising???

here is AIA

Ok I’m checking

Use this layout


I can’t use this one…
I want to use exo video player extension which has option to change audio track…

What about discplusmoreep error??
List is not showing??

Could you send a screenshot

This is one is a simple video player with no customisation
Is there any way to use this without error…
Because this one is working in kodular , mit app inventor perfectly [FREE/OS] Exoplayer for AppInventor | Play media with Google's Exoplayer

Can you PM me any of the video link ? Or Make sure that the video link is downloadable.

Check DM

And again check the videoplayer screen, why exo player is not initialising