Appzard Re-launched!

Hello everyone,
The community and workspace has been down for the last days, we apology for the inconvenience, and we are excited to announce, that appzard services are back to work again!

Appzard Offline

As of now, and for a few months, appzard workspace is a desktop software, which can be accessible right from your desktop, even if you don’t have an active internet connection!
We are hoping to re-launch appzard workspace web service, keeping the offline service as well, in the next months, please keep an eye on our community for further updates.
Appzard offline is a CLI, which installs and runs from the command line, and used to start appzard on a local webserver.
You an check the installation steps here.
If you experience an issue or a bug, please open a new topic/issue here, or on our github repository, we will be sure to get it fixed!

1500 Users!

Appzard has passed a milestone in the last months, that is, 1500 users have been using Appzard Workspace! :tada:
We are thanking everybody who have used appzard workspace, and we are looking forward to pass a bigger milestone in the next months.