Appzard problems

I will try to collect more errors and bugs in appzard day by day but for now i found these bugs
1: firebase db crash
2: one signal push notifications crash
3: screen auto rotate to landscape when initialize if mobile in landscape mode
4: when open new screen by clicking button it open one screen 3 times. And we need to press back button 3 time to close the screen.
5: When we click list picker app crash
6: image picker crash
7: spinner component haven’t arrow color
Sreen statusbar color block missing
8: blocks page keep lagging if we create more than 100 blocks
9: component aligh horizontal and vertical interface change like kodular because if we add align blocks in recyclerlist extension than confused.
10: Cloudinary not working properly… When we upload a file it do nothing.
11: In Designer side when we chide titlebar the mock screen size change… It need even we hide titlebar no change in size…
12: we can’t able to upload assets more than 10MB size
Thats all for now but i will again help you if i face more bugs or errors…
Please fix it as soon as possible.
If possible please make appzard like kodular i mean add all mterial that includes in kodular and fix all bugs like kodular.
But like appzard because its offline and we not need to connect with internet. :wink:

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I found another problem in appzard…
1 : custom notifier dismiss problem(when i call dissmiss notify block it do nothing) please fix it.
2 : Texting component crashing app… Please fix it.
3 : spinner component( when i change background color or text color of spinner component than my spinner invisible) please fix it.
4 : please add async procedure component.
5 : CardView( when i make full clickable cardview and open another screen by clicking cardview than it open one screen 3 times.
6 Assets Problem( exemple: when i add a picture in assets and than i delete it than it deleted from assets but in companion connection it show downloading the image from assets to jaar. So than i reupload this image to connect the companion.
In short assets deleted item cannot deleted fully
Please fix it…

These all bugs are fixed in this update

Other changes

Added ArrowColor in Spinner

Added StatusBarColor property

Now, you can use Text, Number and Helper blocks while setting properties using any extensions. and if you are not using any extensions then, you can use Helper Blocks to set alignment like this

Added AsyncTask component

Let us know if we have missed any bug fixes

Update is live now

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We are very thankful to appzard team for fixing these bugs.
And i will also help to appzard team for reporting others bugs in future.
Thanks :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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how to install appzard on windows 7 ?
plz help