Appzard Online - Open testing


We have recently deployed Appzard instance on But before releasing it officially. we want you to test the appzard online and report bugs to us.

Currently, we have no new changes in appzard online but we will soon release a new update.

If you are interested in testing appzard online, you can visit here and currently, only Google sign in is enabled.

The companion is updated now. Make sure to disable the Legacy Mode while testing in Online version. In Appzard online, you can connect companion from different IP also.

Note : Make sure to uninstall the old companion before installing the new companion.


Tested successfully!
Working absolutely fine. If the last offline version of Appzard was working for you then this online version is no different. It is so comfortable, just visit the webpage and appzard is ready for you. Thanks team for this. The last offline version update and this online version release are the best news I have heard regarding appzard till this date. Thanks again!
#NoKodularOnlyAppzard :wink:


Thanks for your positive feedback.

We understand your feelings about K#dular but it seems to be a inappropriate word to me as an Indian. Please edit your message and do not use “L” before it.


Tested and working perfectly.
We are all appreciate appard team for this announcement

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Oh…I m sorry! That was a typo…I often do such mistakes…IDK why😉


Hello, anyone facing any issue while connecting to online version using the new companion ?

1: Sometime if we scan qr than after scan the qr, textbox still empty.
so if i try by manually writing code than works fine.
2: in mobile screen resolution is too zoomed.

And we unable to un-zoom it
3: Firebase error in companion(not tested in apk)

Yes I also faced that issue…
Screen is zoomed in companion and I in apk it’s normal.

works fine for me :blush:

Companion connect in online version perfectly but not connecting in offline version

Enable Legacy Mode And Then Try :grinning:

For Offline You Need To Enable Legacy Mode

Try in desktop mode


Wow, very nice :clap:
I am going to start a new project there.


If i enable legacy mode than stuck at 91%

Please fix this firebase issue in companion.

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Thanks for your report, we’re working on it


Can you send me your AIA ? Also, make sure your companion is updated.

Yes i will send and also updated my companion


I have not faced any issue. Can you confirm it again in new companion ?

I have uninatalled old companion and install new companion from here