Appzard online not working

Hello team when I try to open appzard online after login it’s not working
Please help

When it will be live again

we still don’t know friend, try appzard offline

can you update the video becuase its old any the things in it is not found any more with same versions

Yes same please anyone help

Check out this video

The installation version of other app is not found on internet you should check again

Please what did you mean by these? Do you mean a way of getting your project to the offline builder.

I think staff should at least give an explanation about the problem or If we have to worry about loss of our projects.
I was rhinking this problem would last 1 day or 2 but It is already and no official explanation from the qdmins of appzard yet

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they are in deep sleep mode

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When Online Appzard workspace launched, they said that its only for testing for now to check whether its work perfect or not. They were not said it will forever. They will work on it to improve. So i think it is better to download aia when we make changes.
Maybe it will fixed as charm be patient and hope for best :blush:


The should use beta version instead of final version