Appzard not working after update

Dear team appzard not working automatically app close and companion not working after update please hold this problem

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I am use last 15 update version

You mean that created apps are closing ? Can you send logs from Appzard GUI ?

Uploading: logfile.txt…

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Logs are not uploaded correctly, send it again

Uploading: logfile.txt…
Error lock not update so sizes at MB

PM me your AIA.

Yes, Companion doesn’t work and any app (even an empty app) crashes with the compiled app (APK), regardless of targetSdkVersion and the API version of the test devices.

(Tested on devices running Android 11 and 9.).

In Yesterday’s update, there is a bug. We have confirmed this bug. Soon, We will release an bug fix.


office.aia (1.2 KB)

Apk file automatically closed please solve this problem