Appzard Java Bridge

Appzard platform owner I want you to make a appzard bridge like appinventor Java bridge-> Java Bridge

This will help us to understand Java and make appzard AIA source code to Java, basically a AIA to JAVA convertor.
I want your views if you interested…
Thank You…

it wouldn’t be trivial for now because for that, we need to remove kawa to make the source code easy to read. then, we will need a new system to convert Appzard project to Java project. However, @MohamedTamer 's Rapid project can convert blocks to Java. So, it should not be tough to do so. After all this, we need to do a lots of testing. This will take much work and time. So, we are not planning to do this for now.

BTW, @MohamedTamer already worked on a system to convert Appzard project to Android studio project but the source code was not easy to read and that decompiles extension too for source code. So, we discontinued working on it.


I don’t think it does. It does not convert an AppInventor Button component to a Java Button object, nor does it convert an AppInventor Label component into a TextView object. Instead, it just directly converts an AppInventor component into its corresponding class in AppInventor, which surely doesn’t work in Android Studio.

It doesn’t really do much, and I would still recommend you Java tutorials for this. You can also look at extensions in GitHub - 80% of my extensions are open source, either on my website or in GitHub.


Hello @Be_superb,
I totally agree with @AryanGupta and @Gordon and I would like to add one thing that

Java is not like chit - chat, it’s a very vast programming language and you can master it only by practicing it, not by decompiling source codes of applications made with Appzard or any distort of App inventor. It can maybe give you a very small hint regarding some specific function, nothing more than that

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