Appzard GUI: A simple Control

Presenting a simple Appzard Control GUI. It also lets you terminate the Appzard Instance without typing any command (this can be a difficult task for users that don’t have experience in terminal stuff).

Yeah, I’ll be adding some more features :slight_smile:
This is my first GUI application hehe :grinning:

You can get the JAR file from (here).
Then you can double click on it or run the below command:

java -jar Appzard.jar

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hello @Kumaraswamy,
Great work :+1: Worked pretty find on my device.
It could be a good idea to simplify the appzard offline process even more is to have this tool install Appzard offline if not already installed on the user’s device.

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A new update :partying_face:

It lets you Install Appzard on the device, other features are added as well!

  • Install Appzard
  • Assign PATH to system Environment variables
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Thanx @Kumaraswamy for this great tool


@Kumaraswamy is upgrade button removed?

Yeah, that was removed.

i don’t know why but after stating the appzard from this GUI the builder is working very badly

It doesn’t have any reason for it to behave like that.

I tested, creating a project, building it, and all was fine.

but my builder is crashing i dont know why :cry:

Can you explain me more?

starting from GUI giving error sometimes and a lag every time and from bash perfect help me

Try allocating more memory for Java. This isn’t problem from of the application.

I have also tested and it was working fine for me too

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