Appzard Companion Not Working Not Connecting

Hello Dear Friends Plz Help Me To Connect Companion From Appzard Builder

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Show a screenshot What’s happening

Nothing Happening? After Scan Nothing Will Be Happen

is your companion updated?

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Yes Offcourse Im Downloaded It Just Now

try refreshing your workspace and also check your internet connection because it’s working fine in my projects

Everything Tried Or Trying Im But Now Im Going To Sleep Then I Will Check It Tomorrow Again

ok good night , try connecting in other project maybe some problem in your project

I advise you to check 2 things, if you are on the same wifi network and if you are using the chrome browser.

Same Wifi Netowrk firefox browser. Still Not Connecting

Try this

See Here Logs : Notes-15-1-2023.txt (5.6 KB)

This Buiilder Too Much difficult And Not Using correctly In Companion

Share Your JAVA_HOME environment path screenshot

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I Dont Know About JAVA_HOME

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Try Chrome browser

See Here :

Dear @Mr_Zaki uninstall java17 then working Apzard

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How Can I Delete? :face_with_head_bandage:

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Check this screenshot