Appzard branding removal

How can I remove this appzard branding and appinventor branding…

You can’t change it

But this will expose I m using your platform, and I don’t want to show it to anyone…

It’s inside your app’s source code. Only the person who decompiles your app can see it or the users who have a device which shows activities of app. BTW, You don’t need to worry about it because nobody cares where the app is created if the app is useful. In addition, Users are not going to uninstall your apps if they see Appzard written anywhere in your app. Don’t you want other users know about Appzard ? :smiley:


This happens with every AppInventor distribution. There is no worry for using it.

How professional your apps are does not depend on what builder you’re using. Gold glitters in anywhere you put it, even in the dark.