Appzard 2.0

Hello everyone :wave:,
So we are finally launching Appzard 2.0, one of appzard’s biggest updates as of now! With this update, appzard is back offline, bringing over a new UI, many new comonents and bug fixes.

Appzard 2.0 Release Notes

This is a component release, you will need to update your companion to version 2.0.0

Major Changes

  • Upgraded Minimum API from 14 ( Android 4.0 ) to 16 ( Android 4.1 ).
    Most Android APIs has abandoned support for API 14, so we no longer support it.
  • Now Appzard Targets API 33 ( Android 13 ).
    You wouldn’t experience any problems when Google Play enforces using API 33 for publishing apps.
  • Completely revamped the User Interface.
    Appzard is now redesigned to follow Google’s official Material Design guidlines.
  • Obfuscated and proguarded APKs
    Your codes are more safe now!
  • Optimized and reduced APKs’ size
    APKs size has been reduced by almost 20%, an empty app would only be approximately 3.5mb!
  • Custom Splash Screens
    Your app now wouldn’t have the black/white splash screen, instead you could now set a custom splash screen!

New Services

  • Appzard Status:
    Check out that all of our services are up and operational, and get to know about down times and scheduled maintenance
    Manage your account information, pricing, and projects in one place!

Component Changes

  • Renamed NotificationShareButtonText to NotificationShareTitle
  • Renamed Space to SpaceView
  • Renamed CircularProgressBar to CircularProgress
  • New ShortcutBadge component
  • New MAXMrecAds component
  • New AnimationUtils component
  • New AppLovinBannerAds component
  • New AppLovinInterstitialAds component
  • New AppLovinRewardedAds component
  • New VungleAdsAdapter component
  • New VungleBanner component
  • New VungleInterstitial component
  • New VungleMrec component
  • New VungleRewarded component
  • New FacebookMrec component
  • New FacebookNativeAd component
  • New SlidingPanelLayout component
  • New FirebaseCore component
  • New TabLayout component
  • New ModelViewer component
  • New SwipeRefresh component
  • New JSONUtils components
  • New Notification component

New Blocks

Sharing Component

  • Added ShareToFacebook block
  • Added ShareToTwitter block
  • Added ShareToInstagram block
  • Added ShareToWhatsapp block
  • Added ShareMessage block
  • Added ShareToFacebookMessanger block
  • Added ShareToTelegram block
  • Added ShareMessageWithDialog block

LottieAnimation component

  • Added SetMinimumFrame block
  • Added GetMinimumFrame block
  • Added SetMaximumFrame block
  • Added GetMaximumFrame block

YoutubePlayer component

  • Added PlaybackRateChanged event
  • Added PlaybackQualityChanged event
  • Added LiveVideoUi block

GooglePlayGames component

  • Added SignOutAndRevokeAccess block
  • Added SignOutSuccess event

FTP component

  • Added Connect block
  • Added Disconnect block
  • Added DeleteFile block
  • Added MakeDirectory block
  • Added DownloadFile block
  • Added DownloadError event
  • Added DownloadDone event
  • Added Error event
  • Added UploadError event
  • Added ConnectError event
  • Added DisconnectError event
  • Added WorkingDirectory property

FTP component

  • Added Clickable property
  • Added Click event
  • Added LongClick event

Wallpaper component

  • Added Error event
  • Added WallpaperCleared event
  • Added WallpaperChanged event

KeyguardManager component

  • Added RequestDismissKeyguard block
  • Added DismissCancelled event
  • Added DismissError event
  • Added DismissSucceeded event

Decoration component

  • Added SetOpacity block
  • Added SetRotation block
  • Added GetRotation block
  • Added SetElevation block

Screen component

  • Added ListInstances block

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashes when using FirebaseDB component
  • Fixed the FirebaseAnalytics component
  • Fixed errors when using multiple firebase components in the same project
  • Fixed that that the package name, Min SDK, etc… weren’t used in the APK.
    … and much more!
  • Fixed a bug when search component functionality used.
  • Fixed a bug which causing build fails

New Google Ad Manager ads component

  • Added AdManagerBanner component
  • Added AdManagerInterstitial component
  • Added AdManagerRewardedVideo component
  • Added AdManagerNative component

Bug fixes

  • Fixed ‘Missing Ad Unit ID’ bug in Admob ads component.
  • Fixed a bug in Admob banner component.

New Events

  • Added OnAppPause event
  • Added OnAppResume event
  • Added OnAppStop event
  • Added OnAppDestroy event
  • Added OnAppRestart event


  • Added AD_ID permission for apps targeting Android 13(API 33)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Label Clickable property
  • Fix multiple bugs with DynamicComponents component
  • Fixed Screen Not Found error when starting any screen
  • Fix building AABs download APKs instead
  • Fix errors when using Material Icons in the companion
  • Fixed a bug while saving files.

New Components


  • New PopupMenu component
  • Renamed Experimental category to Database
  • Moved FirebaseAuth, Airtable, FirebaseCore, FirebaseDB, FirebaseAuthentication, FirebaseFirestore, FirebaseAnalytics to Database category.

New Properties


  • Added InputType property to MaterialTextbox and Textbox

New Methods


  • Add MatchesRegex to ParsingTools component

Bug Fix Update

  • Fixed NullPointerException when building projects on some devices / JDKs

Bug fix update

  • Fixed App crash

New Pollfish Component

  • Pollfish Surveys

Bug fix update

  • Fixed a bug in AdManagerBanner component
  • Fixed a bug in AdmobBanner component

New Advertising Components

  • Added AppnextBanner component
  • Added AppnextMrec component
  • Added AppnextInterstitial component
  • Added AppnextRewarded component
  • Added AppnextFullscreen component

To update -

  • Open Appzard Offline
  • Click on “Check update” and then, “Download”

Bug fix update

  • Fixed “Error 902 : No screen found” bug

Added a new component

  • Added BitLabsSurveys component.


  • Rewritten the SplashImage property. Now, works with any image name.

A new Appzard Update!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in Animation Utilities component
  • Fixed errors when using helper blocks in the companion
    All blocks that uses the helper blocks resulted errors when using ‘Do It’. In Addition, properties that was using helper blocks would fail to run. This has been fixed now.
  • Fixed errors and crashes when using the File component in both the APK and the companion
    All file component blocks where failing to execute with a runtime exception in the companion and APK. This is now fixed!
  • Fixed Failure to compile apps on some JDK versions
    You Should now be able to use appzard on any Java 8 JDK!


:ai2: Implement @UsesQueries for SDK 30 manifest element


This is a bug fix for the most major bugs reported on the community.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed app crashes when using the FirebaseDB component
  • Fixed a bug in the file component Exists method for assets in APK
    Previously, the Exists blocks would always returns false when the scope is set to Asset in APKs
  • Fixed most designer properties crashing the app when changing their default values
    Properties such as AlignVertical, AlignHorizontal, and ScreenOrientation would now work properly!
  • :ai2: Fix crash when File.MoveFile target exists

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Image Picker component crashing when clicked
  • Fix List Picker component crashing when opened
  • Fix ImageListView component not picking the correct path for images in the companion
    You should now prefix assets names with // (ex.: "//image1.png") and it would work correctly on both companion and APK


  • The companion now targets API 33 (Android 13).
    It was incorrectly targeting API 30 before.
  • Fixed errors when using some properties in the companion
  • Fixed Incorrectly declaring the maxSdkVersion for the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to 18.
    This was resulting asking for WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE permission to fail on APIs higher than android API 18 on all components in the companion

New Blocks

New Events

  • Added BeforeTextChanged to TextBox component

  • Added AfterTextChanged to TextBox component
    component_event (1)

  • Added TextChanged to TextBox component
    component_event (2)

New Functions

  • Added IsOpen block to the side menu component
    component_method (2)

New Properties

  • Added Background Color, Custom Font Typeface, Font Bold, Font Italic, Font Size, Font Typeface, Enabled, Text Color, and Text Alignment properties to the Spinner component
  • Added Lock Mode, Elevation, Scrim Color, Status Bar Background Color to Side Menu component
    component_set_get (1)
    component_set_get (2)

Appzard Team


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Image Picker component not working on Android 11+
  • Fixed Exists block in the File component failing to find assets on the companion
  • Fixed Compile Errors when using the Texting component
  • Fix MaterialTextbox component initializing with transparent text, hint and border color

New Blocks

New Events

  • Added EnterClick to the TextBox component.
    component_event (3)

New Functions

  • Added SetCursorPosition to the TextBox component
    component_method (3)
  • Added SetCursorAtEnd to the TextBox component.
    component_method (4)
  • Added ShowErrorMessage to the TextBox component.
    component_method (5)
  • Added ShowKeyboard to the TextBox component.
    component_method (6)
  • Added FingerPrintsEntrolled to the FingerPrintSensor component
  • Added HardwareDetected to the FingerPrintSensor component
    component_method (8)

New Properties

  • Added CurrentPosition, CursorVisible, Highlight Color, Hint Color, Length, Max Length and Keyboard Soft Enter Icon to the TextBox component

Blocks Editor


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in FirebaseDB component
  • Fixed a bug in PushNotifications component
  • Fixed a bug in Texting component
  • Fixed many bugs in CardView component
  • Fixed a bug in ListPicker component
  • Fixed a bug in Cloudinary component
  • Fixed a bug in Notifier component
  • Fixed a bug in Spinner component
  • Fixed a bug in SocketIO component
  • Fixed a bug in ImageListView component
  • Fixed a bug in MaterialTextBox component
  • Fixed a bug in PopupMenu component
  • Fixed a bug in PopupWindow component
  • Fixed a bug in SideMenu component
  • Fixed a bug in PhoneCall component
  • Fixed a bug in AskPermission block
  • Fixed a bug while deleting assets


New component

  • Added AsyncTask Component
    Screenshot (240)

  • Added FacebookRewardedInterstitial component

    Screenshot (241)

New properties and blocks

  • Added BackgroundColor in BottomSheet

  • Added a block for LoadHTML in WebViewer component.

  • Added CheckedColor in RadioButton

  • Added UnCheckedColor in RadioButton

  • Added SeekTo block in Player component

  • Added Duration Property in Player component

  • Added CurrentPosition Property in Player component

  • Added TrackInfo Property in Player component

  • Added TouchColor in some visible components like Button.

  • Added FullClickable in all arrangements.

  • Added RandomPublicId, CancelUpload, CancelAllUploads, UploadFileWithOptions and added a parameter for startNow to upload file immediately in Cloudinary component.

    blocks (37)

  • Added AppOrientation property in Screen1.

    Screenshot (245)

  • Added Scrollbar in vertical/horizontal scroll arrangements
    Screenshot (238)

  • Added ScrollbarColor in vertical/horizontal scroll arrangements
    Screenshot (238)

  • Added ScrollbarRadius in vertical/horizontal scroll arrangements
    Screenshot (238)

  • Added ScrollbarWidth in vertical/horizontal scroll arrangements

    Screenshot (238)

  • Added Margin property in some visible components
    Screenshot (238)

  • Added Padding property in some visible components

    Screenshot (238)

Changes to file writing system

  • Now, all components have their own FileScope
    These are the components - firebase storage, download, audio picker, camera viewer, FTP, Google drive, QR code and wallpaper.

    Screenshot (246)
    Let us know if we missed any component

  • All picker components(AudioPicker, VideoPicker, ImagePicker) no more writes to storage. On their Picked event, you have path and contentUri.


This prevents your app from rewriting the same file. Using this way, you can even play 1.5 GB or more bigger videos without any crashes.
Both path and contentUri can be used to point the picked file.

if you want to rewrite the picked file in storage, you can use File.CopyContentUri

New Features

  • As we know, we need to ask for dangerous permissions at runtime after Android 6.0 but we can only ask the permissions which is declared in app’s AndroidManifest.xml. To declare the permissions in AndroidManifest.xml, you can upload the permissions.txt file in your app’s assets with all required permissions.

like this
permissions.txt (83 Bytes)


Extensions Store - Beta

You can install any extension in just 1 click and you will never miss any update. However, there are very less extensions listed currently. We would be grateful if you want to list your extensions in our extension store :grinning:

To open extension store, you need to press Alt + E

Appzard team :appzard:


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in Padding property of CardView Component.
  • Fixed a bug in BitlabsSurvey component
  • Fixed a bug in FTP component
  • Fixed sizing problems in some components
  • Fixed a bug in Build server which was affecting the multidex process.
  • Fixed a bug in AdmobNativeAd component
    and many more…


  • Now, AskPermission accepts String block.
  • Added Margin and Padding block in Image Component.
  • Added OpenAdInspector in AdMobMobileAds component
  • Added AppLovinSDKKey property in Screen1

SDK Updates

  • AdMob Ads SDK updated to 21.3.0
  • AppLovin Ads SDK updated to 11.5.5
  • Facebook Audience Network Ads SDK updated to 6.12.0
  • StartApp Ads SDK updated to 4.10.5
  • Vungle Ads SDK updated to 6.12.0
  • Cloudinary SDK updated to 2.3.0
  • OneSignal SDK updated to 4.8.3

Note : Other Ads SDK are already updated

Added AppLovin MAX and AdMob mediation adapters in Extension Store

AdMob Mediation

  • Admob Adcolony Adapter
  • Admob Applovin Adapter
  • Admob Facebook Adapter
  • Admob IronSource Adapter
  • Admob Unity Adapter
  • Admob Vungle Adapter

AppLovin MAX

  • MAX AdColony Adapter
  • MAX Admob Adapter
  • MAX Facebook Adapter
  • MAX Google Ad Manager Adapter
  • MAX IronSource Adapter
  • MAX Unity Adapter
  • MAX Vungle Adapter

To open Extension store, press Alt + E

Remember, they are added as extensions in the Store. So, after importing, you need to manually drop them to your project from Extension category.

Adding intent-filters inside Screen1 activity element

This will help users in adding deep link in their project.
Upload a intent-filters.txt file in your Assets.

For example -
intent-filters.txt (436 Bytes)

Granular media permissions

If your app targets Android 13 or higher and needs to access media files that other apps have created, you must request one or more of the following granular media permissions instead of the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission:

helpers_dropdown (1)


helpers_dropdown (2)

For more information - Behavior changes: Apps targeting Android 13 or higher  |  Android Developers


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a conflict in Decoration component.
  • Fixed NotificationReceived and NotificationOpened events in PushNotifications component.

New Components and blocks

  • Added FirebaseCloudMessaging component
  • Added PlayInstallReferrer component
  • Added SetCompoundButtonChecked and SetCharSequence blocks in NotificationStyle component.
  • Added GetEmojiByUnicode block in Screen properties

From here, You can get the unicode of all emojis.

Unicode for grinning face
Replace U+ with 0x and put it in a integer block.

UI Changes

Extension store can be now accessed from Extension category by clicking on store icon.

Never heard of Extension store, check this post