ApplicationId FirebaseCore

I have doubts when placing the
ApplicationId in firebasecore. The correct would be to use this id of the full firebase application?

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Yes, You need to put that Application Id from your firebase dashboard. Also, if you have uploaded the google-services.json in your assets then, there is no need to do these things


I tried getting data using firebase Database. But don’t know how to set it up. The database components does not have place to put firebase token and firebase url.

You need to either upload google-services.json in your assets or setup FirebaseCore like @RAFAEL did and set the DatabaseURL

I mean firebase Database that gets tag and value. I uploaded the json file. I also added firebase url. But it wasn’t getting the value or tag. I was getting error. That the firebase url I added was invalid.

You should not include bucket in database url, remove the update100 from the url. Also, if you have already uploaded the google-services.json in assets. Then, you don’t need to set anything. Just start using any firebase components

Please can you explain more. How can I then direct the firebase Database where to get tag and value. Where will I put the bucket.

Or should I put the bucket on the project bucket space. That database component offers.

No, you should put it in FirebaseDB component. this component contains all blocks getting/setting values to a tag.