App crush when using webview (on Android 5.x)

Today i have decided to use webview component but before builld an app i decided to test the component by drug the webview component and export apk file, the output is “app crush when initialize screen”

Send the exported apk

Hi, please post the apk file here and the blocks of the webviewer.

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i have just drug webview
With no block setup

test.aia (1.2 KB)

Please specify your device Android version, does not crash for me on Android 13 and 7.

Android version 5.1.1

I do not have an Android 5 device, would be helpful if you are able to report here with the crash logs of the application :slight_smile:


Which version of extension are you using?

Confirmed, APK crashes on Android 5.x. (No issues on Android 9 and 13.)
(Companion does not work on Android 5.)

Logcat, Galaxy Note 3, Android 5.0


Btw, your CustomWebView ext. crashes too (on Android 5.x).

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Thanks for the log. We have did some changes. Can someone test it on Android 5 ? @Sumayya_Khamis @BodyMindPower

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Yes, it seems to work now on Android 5.x.


Great :smiley:. This bug fix will be included in the next update


I have created a PR for this bug fix in CustomWebViewer extension


this also crash to my device 5.1.1

I have now checked it on one of my Android 5.1 devices as well.
It works well there too!

(I have several devices running Android 5.x and the APK provided by @AryanGupta works fine on all of them.)


to me it crash as you see this video

Post logcat.

Here is the log file
weblog.txt (7.5 KB)

Thanks for the logs, let me know if this works for you