App crashing problem

As already discusses !
We are facing some issue that was not fixed in all last updates. And these components are much much usable in all kind of application. So when will be these components fix???

When we drag Firebase Component our app crash.
When we drag one signal push notification component our app crash.


Do you mean Firebase Auth? It is working.

Firebase DB

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It is also working, i think as it was solved in last update(2.0).

no way…
i have latest version of appzard.
but when i drag firebase db and install app in my android than my app keep crashing.
and when i remove firebase db and again open app so there are no error found

We are fixing the FirebaseDB bug.

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They will fix it in due time, however there are several similar free forms that work like DB.

I don’t see why limit yourself to one!



I used airtable but its slow and i also want to create live chatting app so this feature is not contain in airtable.
So please fix firebase db component


You can use an online database and background store the information,

-You can use sqlite both offline and online and the response is fast.
-You can use tiny web and the response is fast.
-Google Sheet
-CloudSheet (Paid)

You limit yourself to firebase because you want to!

No matter what, the bug will be fixed, but for now there are solutions, cheers!

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It is fixed now. it will be included in next release. But you are right, MySQL can be a better choice.

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When will be the next release come ?

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The update is live now !

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