Apk screen not open

dear Appzard team some problem in open next screen show errors
902: Screen not found: Screen2

Check screen name in blocks. If screen name write correctly or not …

No problem in Screen name
office (1).aia (2.6 KB)

Please check this aia file
Running perfectly in Companion but it doesn’t work when I build APK

Hello @Xdev ,
Thanks for reporting this bug. It should be solved in the next update.
Mohamed Tamer

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thanks, try to fix it as soon as possible

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Please release new update

@Xdev , This bug is fixed now(Error : 902 Screen not found) but we are still fixing some other bugs. If you want, then, we can release an update with this bug fix.

You can update if you want. Because it is very important to me. I appreciate that you have done a great job and you will always continue to do good work.

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Currently, we are creating BitlabSurveys component(Requested by @Vyankteshgurav ). Once done, we will release an update. It’s almost done.

New update is available now ! It contains this bug fix :smiley:


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