Android 10+ permissions

In kodular builder when i add storage permission and open app in android 12 than i can’t able to acess to storage it says that permission is denaid but when i see in app info the permission is granted.
Now in appzard can i able to gave permission that support android 10 + like android 12 ?

If you are talking about WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE then, no. It’s deprecated on Android 11 device and if it’s not the case, you should provide more information like the Permission name.

Yes i am talking about write and read external storage permission

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is deprecated from Android 11. So, it will always give Error 902 : Permission denied.

READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE can be granted till Android 12L. Use AskPermission block to ask the permission and Upload a permissions.txt in Assets with this permission.

permissions.txt (40 Bytes)

Note : In Android 13, there will be no use of READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.

For next release, we have implemented Granular Media Permissions which will allow you to access images, videos and audios in Android 13

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Hi !
If user install app in mobile and manually allow storage permission from mobile settings than it will work ??

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Yes, it will work but that way you are increasing your user’s work (results in bad user’s experience).

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Added Granular Media Permissions in this update

I want to pick file from storage. But in android 11 and 12 but i don’t able to do this.

Could work this method?

Show your blocks

I maked app on kodular builder. But now i want to create all apps in appzard because this is greater than kodular .
So i just ask a question that can i pick file from storage using file picker extension in android 10+ ??

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You should ask the extension developer. BTW, you should test it in Appzard first.

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I test the file picker extension in appzard but not work :pensive:

try this

I also try it.
When i click pick file than open my file manager but not able to pick anything. I mean everything not clickable and showing dim.

Basically i want to pick a csv file from storage