Admob, Adlovin and Banner

My set admob, applovin and start banner. But non of them show. I would like to know if there is anyway to set them. Because I used the same block I used to set it in niotron and extension in kodular.

You need to set AdUnitID of banner ads and Load that ad in blocks section. Also, Do not forget to put your Admob App ID in Screen1.AdmobAppId property.

Set SDK key and load that ad in blocks section. Also, if you are using MAX, then, check EnableMediation property and do not forget to set Screen1.AppLovinSdkKey property

You need to initialize the Start ads first using StartAppCore component. then, drop the StartAppBanner and Load it in blocks section

Do you mean I have to initialize the core in every screen. Because I only initialized it in screen one

Not sure but it should be enough to Initialize in Screen1 only.