AAB not building

Aab not building but apk build successful I have copied the logs but the logs are more than 5 thousands line so I’m unable to paste here😑

Hi @right_pay

I have just now tested AAB Is generating successfully. Please update your Appzard to latest version. Please find the screenshot attached.

AAB Successful


Nikhil Kumar

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Already updated

Everything is okay apk building was fine but while building aab it’s give me so many errors why? And yes I have just 5 blocks for testing…

Create a new project and try adding some components and build AAB file. If this doesn’t work we will report this issue to team.

Nikhil Kumar

Created 3 projects and added 5+ blocks but not working :pleading_face:

My antivirus can stop appzard??:roll_eyes:

No Idea about that. Never faced Antivirus issue in Offline builders. I also use Antivirus for laptop. What’s your PC Configuration.

I mean RAM because i faced memory issues. It takes more memory to build APK / AAB. So please tell me how much RAM your PC has ?

Just now i build another aab file.

Send me your aia once. I’ll try to build it

Otherwise copy Appzard logs in a Notepad file (.txt) file and upload it here. Appzard team will review them

Nikhil Kumar

16 Gb ram with 256 gb ssd


Found the solution my app name was GoCoin and I change it to GOCOIN and that’s worked by the way thanks brother…


What is this brother??

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