#1 Weekly App Dev Challenge

:question: Question And Answer

1. What is Weekly App Dev Challenge

Answer: Weekly Dev Challenge is an Event In which a small UI/UX app is developed . This Event is held twice a week in a month but due to more than half of the month is over So this month only one will be held . Also This Event is held in niotron So the judgement will basis on submission of all the AI2 Distros

2. What will be held in this 2 Weeks

Answer: First in first week There Will be UI Event on second week Programing knowledge

3. What is the the topic

Answer: First week there is no topic but on second week there will be a poll in which There will question in various computer languages

5. Where it should be done

Answer: Appzard

5. What are the prizes

Answer: Self satisfaction and user Appreciation and Showcase at my website funlrn.in (Ai2Event.funlrn.in)

6. What is the Uploading Format

Answer: No need of aia only apk is needed in both with images

7. Where should we upload

Answer: Just make reply in this post

:exclamation: Rules and Regulations

  • No Paid Extension Can be used
  • No copyrighted Material Can be used
  • No pirating or copy of other apps
  • No Readily Made App can be accepted
  • Help Can be taken from Google

Google and Google Logos are Trademark of Google Inc.
Appzard and Appzard are Trademark of Appzard
This event not endorsed by Appzard

~Funlrn Devloper aka shreyansh sahoo

:speech_balloon: Logs

~ This Event Has been Started [20:32 Saturday 21st August]
Duration 7 days


Appzard is a new builder, so there would be fewer participants.


Dear Friends The submission has been started

Upload here :- Google Forms: Sign-in

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